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Theaters can facilitate up to 30 minutes of special features.

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Raise funds for your cause or sell event-related merchandise through your Event Page. Anyone can contribute or buy merchandise, even if they don't buy a ticket. If the event doesn't meet its threshold, the contributions and orders will be cancelled and no one will be charged.
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If your Event has a sponsor we can include your sponsor's logo on the Event Page and tickets.
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If you or your organization would like to confirm the screening and provide free admission to attendees, you can select the Buy Out Option.
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You'll need to sell a minimum number of tickets (your threshold) to confirm your event. If your event does not sell enough tickets by the deadline, your event will be called-off, attendees will be notified, and no one will be charged. Studios, Filmmakers, and Theaters have varying costs associated with an event. Crowdsourcing distributes the cost of your event across all event attendees. This is how you're able to host an event for free.
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